I woke up that morning, and suddenly the thing I had been fighting for all those months before - just didn’t seem important. Have you ever been in that moment when life feels down right impossible, and you feel as though taking one more step, praying one more prayer, reading ine more scripture is just … Continue reading Revival…


Who I am in Christ

I love the Word of God. In it we find who He is, and in it we find who we are. It is more poweful then we grasp, and holds the key to unlocking the door that opens to each of us the purpose and position that God has made us to hold.  The Enemy … Continue reading Who I am in Christ

What to do when you don’t want God’s plan.

Self-Love is it instinct, or is it learned? What image comes to mind when you think of self-love? The importance of loving yourself is magnified by popular culture in its emphasis that we must learn to do it. 1)      Thinking on that emphasis - how would you define self-love? 2)      What are your thoughts when … Continue reading What to do when you don’t want God’s plan.